What Is ProGrowth Premier?

The ProGrowth Premier membership community has been designed to include all of the key elements of what we have learned over the past 21 years to create competitive advantage for high-performing service professionals who want to build and sustain successful businesses by getting the right referrals from the right people to the right clients while making their competition irrelevant and without leaving anything to chance. It is about building a strong personal brand and developing a few key relationships.

What Are the Advantages?

The program offers four distinct advantages that combine for a powerful personal experience that will lead to sustainable professional bottom line results and personal growth.

Those 4 advantages are:

1. A process and structure in our Online Practice Management System designed to provide a path to help you execute a plan to get the results you want without leaving anything to chance.

2. A Certified ProGrowth Premier Coach to help you create the vision of what you want and then help you stay the course to get you better results faster.

3. A Peer Group consisting of 10 peers, who like you, are working hard to build successful businesses. You come together each month, under the direction of your coach/facilitator, to learn and support each other through creative problem solving, issue resolution and by providing advice and counsel on issues that will make you better and build your businesses.

4. A  Community of like-minded professionals who have the ability to drive the clients you want and will look forward to developing a relationship where the competition is irrelevant.

Who Can Apply For Membership?

Membership is open to candidates who are involved in professional service businesses where the individual serves as a trusted advisor for clients. Disciplines would include lawyers, accountants, bankers, consultants, investment bankers, commercial real estate brokers, commercial insurance brokers, wealth management and financial planners to name a few. The common denominator is that the individual must do great work for their client and they must be able to bring in business (new clients) to their firm. The candidate may be a solo practitioner, a partner in a firm or an associate in a larger organization.

Who Can Qualify for Membership?

Building and sustaining a business requires work. Only those individuals who demonstrate a purposeful, intentional and passionate desire to build and sustain a successful book of business will be accepted into the program. In addition, the candidate must be willing to view themselves as a business since ultimately; clients will do business with them because of them.

The candidate must be willing:

  1. To create and work towards executing a plan of what they want to accomplish.
  2. To work with a ProGrowth Certified Coach as a team to move past issues quickly and to get the desired results.
  3. As a member of a peer group of 10 members, to commit and support their fellow group members by being prepared and fully participating in each monthly meeting so that everyone benefits.
  4. To be active in the local and national ProGrowth Premier community.

How Long Is the Commitment For Membership?

The membership agreement provides that you may cancel your membership with 30 days written notice. We believe that you should only stay involved as long as the program provides value to you. Conversely, if a ProGrowth Premier Coach finds that a member is not participating at the level of other members, the membership agreement also provides that the member may be asked to leave the program if they are unwilling to fully participate. We believe that this is important to ensure that all members know they are amongst individuals who are high performers.

How Is My Coach Selected?

Many times, new members that come into the program have been referred by other members and they had met a coach that they like and feel comfortable with. Should you have an interest in the program and would like to meet with a coach in your area, please use the “contact us” tab to let us know of your interest and your desire to meet with a coach. Rest assured, that the coach we refer you to will be a certified ProGrowth Premier Coach.  The coach you select is important since the two of you are a team to get you where you want to go. It is important that you feel chemistry and that you are comfortable with the coach’s desire to help you succeed.

How Often Will I Meet with My Coach?

Initially, you will meet with your coach for two hours to develop your plan. On an ongoing basis, you will meet with your coach once a month for an hour with the focus on the issues and strategies to execute your plan.

How Will I Learn the Online Practice Management System?

Your coach will work with you to learn all of the aspects of the online practice management system to help you succeed. That way, you will be able to stay on top of your plan and your relationships no matter where you are in the world.

How Do I Become a Member of a Peer Group?

Your coach will place you in the appropriate group. The common thread for all the members of the group is that they are all being coached by the same coach who is the facilitator for the group. The coach knows each individual well which helps create vibrant and interesting meetings.

What Is My Commitment As a Member of a Peer Group?

Your peer group can be an excellent forum to help accelerate your growth. As a member of the group, you need to come to the meeting each month fully prepared and ready to fully participate in the meeting. You no longer are out there by yourself. You have nine other peers of different disciplines who want to help you succeed as you want to help them succeed.

How Often Does My Peer Group Meet?

Your group meets once a month for a morning. The meetings are typically three hours to allow for in-depth discussions. The first half of the meeting is devoted to members updating each other on what has transpired over the past 30 days. The second half of the meeting involves a discussion of the Monthly Peer Group Report. These are 10 questions that specifically relate to each of the member’s plans and how they are doing in terms of execution. Members offer ideas and their own personal experiences to help each other.

How Does Being a Member of the ProGrowth Premier Community Help Me?

Being a member of a community of high-performing professionals has significant benefits. Everyone shares the same values. Each member is purposeful, intentional and passionate about what they do and are not interested in wasting time. Having access to these types of people who have the ability to be “Level One” relationships where the relationship is highly collaborative and the competition is irrelevant is a significant benefit. Our system allows you to identify the right people who have the ability to drive business to you and they will expect your call.

What Is My Monthly Investment in the Program?

The current monthly investment is $425