Our Founder


Ken holds a degree in Psychology from Edinboro University, an MBA from Pepperdine University and has an accomplished background in business.

He has spent his entire career in the service industry and has spent the last 21 years committed to helping professionals achieve business success. He understands that the life of a service professional is very complex. They are asked to perform in many roles both on the professional side and the personal side of their lives. The way they feel personally will reflect how they come across professionally and vice versa.

He also recognized that firms and businesses that depend on their professionals to do the work must also depend on those professionals to bring in the work. There are many good technicians but the professional who can bring in business consistently is much more valuable to the firm. Each professional within the firm is a business in and of themselves. As such, they must operate as a business. Their income is dependent upon their ability to generate revenue by capturing the right clients. In many cases, if a professional is unable to bring in business, they are potentially expendable if the level of work is reduced.

Time is a precious commodity. Professionals must be able to balance the amount of time it takes to do the work with bringing in the work. It is important that the professional also have time for family and themselves. They do not have any time to waste.

Ken has developed a comprehensive system that is supported by many tools to ensure that professionals get the results they want. It requires work but the results speak for themselves.

His vision for ProGrowth Premier is to be the preeminent community for high-performing professionals who recognize, that working together, sharing the same values and doing the right things to get the right results, will create great businesses.