About Us

ProGrowth was started in 1997 by its founder, Ken Potalivo to support service professionals of various disciplines in their quest to build strong businesses.

Service professionals invest significant time and money in their education and technical skills to be able to do great work for their clients. They must not only be able to do great work, but they must be able to bring in new clients and drive revenue to their firms. While they have been highly trained on the technical side of their business, they have minimal training if any on how to build and sustain a successful business. Most depend on the highly speculative nature of networking with the hopes that they will be remembered and someone will call with a referral. Typically there is a significant investment of time in networking with minimal results to show for the effort.

The ProGrowth platform is designed to support members in their ability to get the right referrals from the right people to the right clients while making their competition irrelevant. Building and sustaining a successful business in a highly competitive environment is not easy. Our members understand that you can’t just show up. It is about doing the right things to get the right results.

The Premier program provides a unique experience by combining all that we have learned for almost two decades into one comprehensive program to give members a competitive advantage. Our certified coaches/facilitators ensure that the members stay the course by focusing on the right things so that they are able to operate efficiently and effectively without wasting time.