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10 Reasons Why You May Not Get the Referrals You Want
August 05, 2013


1.    Social Style  - The key to connecting with others is having a clear understanding of your social style and how to interact with other social styles. "Chemistry" is an important element in any relationship. None of us are ever going to refer anyone unless we feel good about that individual.

2.    Lack of Clarity – Others can only help you if they understand what the clients look like who can benefit from your services. If you are trying to be a "catch all” generalist who cannot offer specifics about market and market segments you have little chance of someone thinking of you if the opportunity presents itself.

3.    Poor Value Proposition – You do not have a succinct value proposition positioning statement that clearly lays out the reasons how clients will benefit from working with you.

4.    Inauthentic – People want to do business with people who are real. If you are trying to be someone other than yourself you are making a mistake because people can see right through that.

5.    Too Focused on Networking  - Belonging to a number of networking groups and collecting a lot of business cards does not make you memorable.

6.    Unable To Differentiate - There is no branding and you cannot separate yourself in the highly competitive environment in which you operate. You simply come across as another “me too”

7.    Focus Is on Quantity Not Quality - You measure your success by the number of contacts you have in your contact management system and not by the depths of relationships with others.

8.    Dependence on Acquaintances - Because you have focused on meeting and collecting as many business cards as you can, you depend upon "acquaintances" rather than "relationships" which creates significant competition and less likely you will get the referral.

9.    Using “Hope” As a Strategy - You do not have a specific plan for your business and are simply “hoping” that any referrals will come your way

10.  No Relationship System - Every good business depends upon a distribution system that can produce predictable results. You depend upon random referrals because it is easy rather than do the work to consistently get the referrals you want through highly collaborative relationships.

Getting a consistent flow of referrals and making your competition irrelevant to make your business/practice more predictable in terms of results is possible! We at ProGrowth have been employing a proven system for the past 17 years that will get the job done.

To learn how you can get ready for 2014 to make your business more predictable check out the information on our site at www.progrowthpremier.com to see how you can participate.



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